Introduction: Mini "laptop" Made With Lichee Pi Zero

You can DIY a mini "laptop" with Lichee Pi Zero in 5min!

It's on indiegogo now!

Step 1: Prepare a Lichee Pi Zero ($6)

Lichee Zero is an SD-size, 1.2GHz Cortex-A7 board, about $6.

It is cute, powerful, and friendly to newbee.

you can refer more details in hackaday:

Step 2: Connect Lichee Pi Zero to 5 Inch 800x480 LCD (~$14)

Lichee Pi Zero can directly connect to LCD, it make things simple~

Step 3: Stick Lichee Pi Zero and Li-ionBattery(~$4.5) on the Back of LCD

Lichee Pi Zero is so small that you can simple stick it every where! no screw needed!

Step 4: Stick Holder&LCD Behind the Wireless Keyboard,and Package LCD

just use black tap to package LCD, make it more compact。

Step 5: Done! Power on & Play!

Lichee Pi Zero support debian and RASPBIAN system just like a real laptop! Enjoy it!

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