Mini School Lunch

Introduction: Mini School Lunch

A fun little lunch I thought of, than contains
a ham sandwich,carrots, a doughnut and raisins.

- carrots
- a cheerio
- ham
- bread
- pickles
- A raisin
- lettuce
- cheese
- a matchbox

Take the bread,pickles,cheese and ham and
make a mini sandwich about a 1/2 in diameter square.
Chop A carrot and a raisin into little pieces.
The cheerio is the doughnut.
Make sure everything fits into the matchbox, then your ready to party!!!!!!

These make good party snacks! :):)

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    ya prob not but it was all i had(how bad can matches be any way, they make fire and fire is awesome) ;0


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    i just love fire (have you ever dreamed to become a pyromancer?)