Mini Survival Kit

Introduction: Mini Survival Kit

Survival kits need to be small,portable and need to be small enough to fit in your pocket so you don't end up keeping it in other places and can be carried by you.They must always contain the things that can help you be prepared for the unprepared.This kit contains all the materials for the survival and it is divided into some sub-parts like water,food,shelter,etc.So without and delay lets get started.

Step 1: Container

Finding a container is not a hard job you can find it in your house but always remember that it will be good if it is small so that you can keep it with you in your pocket and can go any where you want and you can even go camping with it if you want to be light .I found my container in my home it can be basically anything.You can use any container as your wish but the main fact is that the container must be as small so it can fit in your pocket.

Step 2: Water Storage

Water is very essential for us in any situation but in survival situation storing water is very hard and materials like bottles cannot be placed in our kit so thinking of the alternative there is one alternative of bottles for storing water.They are balloons.We can use fire to boil water to purify the water.The materials in this kit for the water are:

1) Balloon

2) pH level indicator

3) Water purification tablets (Optional)

Step 3: Food

Food is required to match the burning calories that we spend each day.Fishing and hunting are the very great chances for our food.The materials contained in this kit for the food are:

1) Knife (I didn't find a small knife and used a big one.I just kept its blade. )

2) Aluminium foil (We can cook food by wrapping them in aluminium foil and keeping in fire )

3) Thread (It is added with different colour because fish notices it fast)

4)Fishing hook

Step 4: Fire

Fire is needed for you in any survival situation as well as zombie apocalypse.It is needed to cook your food,purify water,keep yourself warm.The materials in this kit for the starting of fire are:

1) Candle

2) Lighter (It is better than matchstick because it will not be affected from water )

3) Aluminium foil (It can be used to burn fire in wet condition)

4) Sharpener Blade (For timber)

5) Cotton (It can light up very easily)

4) Magnesium dioxide (It helps to start the fire as it is extremely flammable)

Step 5: Shelter

A human body cannot go without rest so you require rest in every situation.You must try to keep yourself dry while resting and the most portable thing is trash bag.You can sleep in it and it can keep you dry the whole night.If it is raining you can get yourself in the trash bag it can keep you dry overnight and you can also tear it and make it as your roof and if don't have a trash bag plastic bags can be used in its place.

Step 6: Self Defence and Safety

For your self defence you already have a knife and there are other things in this kit for your self defence and safety.The blade of the knife can be attached to long wood so that you can have a kind of spear.The materials in this kit for the self defence and safety are:

1) Knife

2) Handyplast (In case of any cuts)

3) Medicine for diarrhoea

4) Super glue (Can be used to heal cuts)

Step 7: Miscellaneous

It basically contains the materials that will help you in harsh times.These are basically simple materials.The materials are:

1) Magnetic compass

2) Plastic bags ( Optional)

3) Cotton

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    I bought it in Nepal I guess you can find a bunch of them in ebay


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    Welcome if you have more idea please suggest me