Mini Toasts or Emergency Dip Crackers

Introduction: Mini Toasts or Emergency Dip Crackers

Having friends over and discovered that you are all out of crackers?  Can't get any because the shops are shut?  DON'T DESPAIR!  Here's how to make some tasty mini toasts that will go down a treat.

Step 1: Tools and Supplies

You will need a sandwich press, a bread knife and some bread.  Day old is fine, in fact it's better if the bread is a little dry.  Really stale bread isn't so good though.  I like to use an open cell bread like sourdough.  Although I haven't tried it, you could probably use unleavened bread like Pita as well.

If you don't have a sandwich press, you night be able to use your oven, although I haven't tried it.

Step 2: Slice Your Bread

Start by turning your sandwich press on.  While it is heating up, cut your bread into thin slices.  Aim to get the slices 3-4mm thick.  The slices will probably be a bit to big to use for dips, so cut them into handy cracker-sized pieces.

Step 3:

Now arrange the slices in your sandwich press.  Close the press and let them cook until they are nicely browned.

Now remove the slices, and cook the next batch.  Once they are all browned, set them aside to cool.  They will be a little soft initially, but will crisp up when they cool.  It's better to let them sit for an hour or so to dry out thoroughly and crisp up before putting them into a container to store.

Step 4: Enjoy!

I love these, particularly with dips, but I have to hide them.  If I leave them out on the bench, my kids will eat them all!

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