Introduction: Mini Tomahawk

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This mini tomahawk can be easily done with materials that you may find outside and inside your home it took me 4 hours to make it so share it and like it please :)

Step 1: Step 1: Find a Wooden Stick.

while walking you should be able to find a piece of wood near a tree you have to peel the outer layer and then file it down until you get the shape of figure number 2.

Step 2: Find a Thick Piece of Leather...

find a thick piece of leather and roll it with glue on the wooden stick then get fishing line and make knots and wait until it dries so you can cut it into size.

Step 3: Get Some Wire

you have to get a metal hanger, cut it and shape it like in picture 2, hammer it in the ax shaped end and if you want get sand paper and sand it so it get a better look.

Step 4: Get Copper Wire...

get copper wire and loop it around the tomahawk

Step 5: Detailing

now sorround the copper wire with leather

Step 6: Feel Proud of Yourself

and there you have it feel proud of yourself with this key chain or just a prop