Introduction: Mini Tongs

So you just got back from the battlefield and the enemy got some good stabs in, your maille shirt needs fixing so you call your slave to get your tongs only to find him slain in battle. A knight like yourself would never trouble him / herself to lug around those big bulky tongs, not when there's loot to carry!

Alright to get back to reality for a moment, if you ever worn a butted chainmaille shirt you might have found that every now and then a ring just goes ping and rolls of. You can't really take your heavy tongs, not to mention that they don't fit your armour with the bright coloured plastic handles. These tongs are small, lightweight and plain metal, so they are a better fit on every point.

Step 1: Tools & Materials

Ok since this is a small ible just a short list;)



Anvil or similar object like dumbbell disc

Drill + 2mm(ish) drilllbit (bit bigger than the small nail diameter)


Groove pliers or similar large pliers

Cutting pliers


2 large nails

1 small nail

Step 2: Preparing the Nails

Start out by flattening about a third of the large nails, leave 2/3 of the nails round so its easier to hold. Now centerpunch one of the nails at a third from the head, drill this and mark where the hole goes onto the other nail. Centerpunch and drill the other nail and go to the next step!

Step 3: Shaping the Tongs

Now take your hammer and flatten the nailhead untill its about square, make sure the sides are in line with the flattened part.

Next place the nail, head down and the hole parallel to the vise jaws, in the benchvise and use your pliers to bend the nail slightly.

Push the small nail through the holes so that the heads bend towards eachother. Cut off the small nail with about 1.5-2mm left, place everything on your anvil and rivet the small nail.

Your tongs are now finished! However mine weren't..... I really needed to flatten out the nail heads so they sit flush to eachother, to do this I just placed it on my anvil and gave it a few good hits and done!