Introduction: Miniature Armchair From Scrap Material

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I really enjoy making miniature things for my daughters' dollhouse. The material is very easy to find as you need only small pieces of everything - we always have some cardboard box lying around or leftover fabric from my sewing. This miniature armchair is about 3,5 x 2 x 2 cm and it fits our dollhouse perfectly. If you fancy recycling and miniatures, try this project with me!

Step 1: Material and Tools

You will need:

- some cardboard

- scraps from foam sheet about 0,5 cm thick (any material like the one that is sometimes used to wrap fragile things when sending them)

- leftover cotton canvas

- scissors, exacto knife, glue gun, pencil, ruler

Step 2: Cut the Base

From cardboard cut the shape of the size written on the picture.

Fold 3 of the sides as you see in the picture and glue them together.

Step 3: Make the Cushions

From the foam cut two rectangles 4 x 2 cm, glue one on top of the other and then glue them into the armchair. (picture 1)

Cut another rectangle 4 x 2 cm and glue it on the backrest part of the armchair.(picture 2)

Cut a rectangle of 4 x 1,5 cm apply glue to one of its sides and form the headrest. If you apply glue directly to the foam, it will help you give it the desired shape.(picture 3)

Cut a rectangle of aprox. 1 x 1 cm and glue it on the inner side of an armrest. Cut where it’s longer than the cardboard. Repeat on the other armrest.(picture 4)

Cut a rectangle 1 x 1 cm, apply glue to one side and share it on the top of one armrest. Do the same on the other side.(pictures 5 and 6)

Step 4: Upholstery

Now you do the upholstery. From the fabric cut s 1 x 5 cm stripe and glue it on the headrest as you see in the picture. (picture 1)

Cut a rectangle of 3 x 1,5 cm, apply glue to the wrong side and glue it on the from of one armrest. Press the fabric to the armchair, so that it copies it’s shape. Repeat on the other side. (picture 2)

Cut a stripe of aprox. 4 x 2 cm, fold the edges several millimeters (to make the upholstery neat and to prevent fringing) and glue it on the inner side of one armrest, then on the top of the armrest, on the side and finally glue the end on the bottom of the armchair. Repeat on the other side. (picture 3)

Cut a stripe of 12 x 2 cm, fold the edges and glue it on the top of the headrest, then on the sides of the armchair and the ends on the bottom. (picture 4 and 5)

Cut a stripe of 7 x 2 cm and fold the edges in lengthwise to make the stripe aprox. 1,5 cm wide. Glue the stripe in the center of the armchair, glue one of its edges on the back and the other end on the bottom. Make the fabric copy the shape of the armchair, especially the headrest. (picture 6)

Step 5: Finishing Touch

From the foam cut a rectangle of 1,5 x 1,5 cm and from the fabric cut a rectangle of 5 x 5 cm. Wrap the foam in the fabric and glue the fabric to prevent it from opening. Place this cushion on the armchair. (picture 1)

Arrange your mini armchair in your dollhouse and play!

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