Introduction: Miniature Automated Door

This is a model of a door that opens when you touch a force sensor located in front of it. The door will remain open for 3 seconds allowing time for you to pass through. To make it you will need:

  • Cardboard
  • Glue / Tape
  • An arduino
  • Wires
  • A servo
  • A force sensor (FSR)
  • A 9 volt battery and connector
  • A 10K resistor (or higher)
  • A bread board
  • A soldering iron and solder
  • Scissors / box cutter
  • A Wire cutter and stripper

Step 1: Wiring

Wire the servo and the FSR to the arduino as shown above using a bread board first to makes sure it works as expected before soldering anything together.

Step 2: Upload Code

Upload the code shown above to the arduino and check if it works. It If it doesn't check that the pin numbers in the code correspond to the pins you have populated on the arduino. If it still doesn't work open the serial monitor and look at the different values you get when you touch the sensor to fine tune the values for the if statements.

( I had to upload the code as an image because when I pasted it into the instructable it went all wonky)

Step 3: Dressing It Up

Solder the wires together to get rid of the bread board and plug in the battery so the arduino can work without being connected to your computer. You might need to spilt the 5v pin into two if you do not have enough 5v pins. You can do this by soldering wires into a 'y' shape so you get two wires out from the 5v pin. Next attach a piece of carboard to the servo to represent the door and construct some sort of floor surface to mount the FSR and the servo to. Test it and if it works you are done.

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