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Hello everyone! Here is a cute little project that you can add as decor to your child's reading nook or in a barbie dollhouse. This is a tiny version of a kid's display bookshelf with books.

The best part is that the books have pages that you can actually read to your kid. The entire project was so enjoyable as I drew each and every page of the books.

In this instructable, you will find how to make the bookcase simply with cardboard. Furthermore, you will also find instructions on how to draw and make tiny books.

The whole project is explained in this video. I hope you love this project as I do!


For the bookcase

  • Cardboard
  • White tape
  • Glue gun
  • Cutting mat
  • Cutter
  • Red felt sheet
  • And white marker

For the books

  • Cardstock sheet
  • Cutter and cutting board
  • Fine point marker
  • Dot sticker
  • Brush pens
  • Felt sheet
  • Hot Glue gun

Step 1: Learn the Structure of the Bookshelf

The first and most important step is understanding the form and structure of the bookshelf. Check my drawing I made initially while designing this shelf. This bookcase is planned based on two factors

  1. The size & number of books that needed to be displayed
  2. The number of levels to display the books

I wanted a 3 tier bookcase that can display 8 to 10 books. If you would like to have more or fewer levels, please make a rough sketch of the shelf with dimensions before starting the project. This can reduce confusion while cutting cardboard.

Step 2: Cut the Cardboard Sheet

Place the cardboard sheet over the cutting mat and cut the sheet precisely using a cutter. Check the attached image for dimensions to cut the cardboard. I have named the cardboard pieces as Panel A, B, C, D, E, F & G for easy reference.

Please note that the image is not to scale. It is only a reference to cut and assemble the sheets.

To summarise, You would need the following to make a 3 tier shelf

  • A base (8 x 7.5 cm) A
  • 2 horizontal panels(8 x 2,5 cm) B & C
  • 4 vertical panels (3.5 x 8cm) (2.5 x 8cm) (1.2x 8cm) (1.2 x 8cm) D, E,F & G
  • A few panels to raise the levels 2 and 3
  • 2 panels to raise the bookcase (leg)

Step 3: Assemble the Cardboard Pieces

Use hot-glue to assemble the cardboard pieces. Check the attached drawing and the images along with my instructions while assembling. Here is a sequenced list to assemble the shelf.

1. Over the base panel A, paste the panel D vertically at the rear.

2. Place a few cardboard strips to raise the base (@Level 3) to 1.8 cm.

3. Next, add the panel B on the raised platform and later add the panel E vertically.

4. Again raise the base (@ Level 2) to 0.7cm and place plane C on it. Add Panel F vertically.

5. At the front, Place the panel G vertically.

6. Finally, add the legs on either side.

To cover a few parts of the shelf, I used white tape. Another alternative is to paint the shelf.

Step 4: Add the Side Panel

To render the sides, we can make a figure out of felt like a tree, animal or a cartoon character.

I chose a mushroom figure as it is cute and simple to make. To make this, you need to cut a red felt sheet in a parabolic shape. First, make a template in a paper and use it to cut felt. Make 2 pieces.

With a white marker pen, draw dots randomly. Now glue it to the sides using hot glue.

Step 5: Create the Books

Next comes the fun part, where we can draw or write anything we love in our book. I choose topics that my toddler would love to read like Animals, shapes, colors, insects, vehicles, and Alphabet. Here is an ordered list on how to make the book,

1. Cut the cardstock sheet into small rectangles. ( 'n' number of sheets in 'n x n' size as you need)

2. Draw or write content in the cut sheet leaving a margin of 0.5cm for binding

3. Staple the sheets together

4. For the cover of the book, we need to cut felt in the required size. Measure and cut the felt. Use hot-glue to attach the felt to the pages

5. Write the book title on a paper and stick it on the front.

Besides, You can also watch a video here on how I made a vehicle book. I have used brush pens and a fine point pen to make the cute vehicle art.

In the same way, all the books are bound and given a cover and title. For the color book, I cut rectangular patches in different colors and bound them. For shape book, I cut shapes and pasted them on the pages. Also, check these videos, where I used 8mm dot stickers for my art.

You can change the theme of the book according to your liking or print them from the internet instead. Just Google " printable miniature books" and you will get a ton of options to print.

These books are very cute and are perfect for little hands. As we have made these books with thick sheets with felt cover, they are quite durable.

Step 6: Place the Books on the Shelf

We're finally done! Now its time to put the books on the shelves and enjoy your creation. Cute isn't it?

I hope after reading this instructable you would love to make one for yourself. Have fun making your own miniature bookshelf!

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