Introduction: Miniature Calcide Shell Painting🎨🐚

Hey guys,

Painting a Calcide shell is great fun. It is super easy and can be executed by kids of all the age groups. These painted Calcide shells can then be kept as show piece.
Also, they can be attached to a chain or thread and can be worn as a beach theme necklace.

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Calcide shell
Paint brush
Water colours

Step 1: Painting the Shell🐚

Take one shell.
Now, paint it with orange water colour as shown in the picture.
Now, add red colour from the top side and mix it with orange.
Also, add yellow colour from bottom and merge it with orange colour.
Let it dry for a while.

Step 2: Adding the Trees(🌳) and the Ground

As it is a silhouette painting, the trees and the ground will be of black colour.
Use a black marker to draw the trees and the ground as shown in picture.
Now, our painting ready!!😊🎨

Step 3: Multiple Alternatives 😊

You can show your creativity and paint and draw many other things on these Calcide shells.

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