Introduction: Miniature Cardboard Garage

Do you want to make an intrusion garage system which you can control with your cellphone? If so you have come to the right instructable.

Step 1: Materials

- Cardboard

- WeMos D1 ESP8266 (x1)

- Wires

- Breadboard (x1)

- 9V Battery (x1)

- LCD Module (x1)

- Servo (x1)

Step 2: Setting Up the Electronics.

First use an LCD adapter in order to reduce the number of required outputs to two (SDA/SDL), along with 5V in and GND. Next connect the servo to the WeMos based Arduino along with a RBG LED. Program the WeMos and add the credentials required for the WAN in order to display on the LCD, along with connecting to the device using a browser.

Step 3: Building the Cardboard Housing

Build a housing for the cardboard door attached to the box. Angle the servo in a position where it can completely open and close without interference. Also add all the electronics from step 1 into the cardboard box.

Step 4: Finalizing Thy Steps.

Use a battery pack rated 5V and a minimum of 1.5A and connect directly to the microusb port on the WeMos board. Next note the IP Address displayed on the screen and enter it into any device that has a browser.

Step 5: