Introduction: Miniature Christmas Tree

Christmas is is finally here and what could be great is a Christmas tree. But if you have a miniatures village or prefer miniatures, then this Instructables is one for you.

Step 1: Materials

  • miniature tree without ornaments
  • some small pompoms or beads
  • shiny pipe cleaner
  • super glue

Step 2: Glue Them

First you need to glue the pipe cleaner and then twirl it around the tree. Be careful and not to get the glue on your skin or it will bond and won't come out for days.

Step 3: Ornament

After that, you can now glue each pompoms or beads and put them on the tree. Be sure to spread them out.

Step 4: Display

And now you have mini Christmas tree that you put it on display either on your table or by your window.

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