Introduction: Miniature Clay Food

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These are fun projects that don’t take very long (except for the baking part)!


The Clay:
• Dark Brown
• Light Brown
• Tan (lighter than the light brown)
• White
• Black
• Gray
• Red
• Orange
• Light Orange
• Yellow
• Green
• Blue
• Purple
• Pink

Step 1: The Hamburger

Cut out a:
Light brown circle for the bottom bun,
White circle for the onion ring,
Red circle for the tomato,
Dark brown circle for the meat patty,
Yellow circle for the cheese,
Light brown circle for the top bun,
And lastly, add a few little white dots for sesame seeds on top.

Step 2: The Taco

Cut out a circle of tan clay for the taco shell. Fold it like a taco shell. Add some dark brown clay to the bottom of the shell for the meat. Then, add some green clay on top of that for the lettuce. Next, add some orange clay to the taco for the cheese. And finally, add a little bit of red clay for the hot sauce.

Step 3: The Sandwich

For the bread, cut out a two triangles of the tan clay. Next, cut out a triangle of brown clay for the meat, orange clay for the cheese, and green clay for the lettuce. Tada! A sandwich!

Step 4: The Pizza

For the pizza crust you will cut out a circle of light brown clay. Cut out a circle of yellow clay for the cheese. Add some toppings.

Step 5: The Hotdog

Cut a rectangle out of the tan clay for the hot dog bun. Mix a little bit of the red clay with the brown clay to make a good hot dog color. Roll out a cylinder of the red-brown clay you just mixed for the hot dog. Top it off with a little strip of red clay or yellow clay for ketchup or mustard.

Step 6: The Fried Egg

Start by making a little frying pan, and then add an egg white and yolk to the bottom.

Step 7: The Donut

Make a little donut shape out of the tan clay. Add a circle of pink clay (or any other color) to the top as frosting.

Step 8: The Spaghetti

First, start with the plate. For the plate, cut out a circle of white clay. You can add more detail if you want, but it isn't necessary. Next, add the spaghetti. For the spaghetti, roll up some tan clay until it is thin and even, then pile it onto the plate. Lastly, add the spaghetti sauce and some meatballs. You can even add a little fork if you want!

Step 9: The Loaf of Bread

The bread is simple, just shape a basic loaf shape and then add some lines to the top.

Step 10: The Pumpkin

First, start by making a flat cylindrical shape with the orange clay. Then add a stem using the brown clay. Lastly, add a few lines starting at the stem and ending at the base of the pumpkin.

Step 11: The Bananas

First make three banana shapes out of the yellow clay. Then set them next to each other and pinch their tops until they become a bunch of bananas. Finally, add a little piece of brown clay to the top to be the stem.

Step 12: The Pretzel

Roll out a piece of tan clay until it is thin and even. Then, shape it like a pretzel.

Step 13: The Creamsicle

Create a popsicle shape with orange clay. Cut a semi-circle out of one of the top corners for a bite mark. Add some white clay to the inside of the bite mark. And lastly, add a popsicle stick to the bottom.

Step 14: The Orange and Apple

Start by making two balls, one with orange clay (for the orange) and one with red clay (for the apple). Add stems and leaves to them both.

Step 15: The Cheese

Create a wedge with the yellow clay. Add some detail like holes or bite marks.

Step 16: The Mushroom

Create a half-circle with the brown clay. Add a thick stem made out of the white clay.

Step 17: The Potato

Create a shape similar to a loaf of bread. Tweak it a little to make a good potato shape. Add little marks and pockets.

Step 18: The Beet and Cucumber

For the beet, roll out a ball of red clay, add a short, dark green stem. For the cucumber, roll out a cylinder of dark green clay, add a little bit of lighter green to the bottom.

Step 19: The Eggplant

For the eggplant roll out a cylinder of dark purple clay. Add a dark green, leafy stem to the top.

Step 20: The Pea Pod

Roll out three balls of green clay for the peas. Roll out a strip of green clay for the pea pod. fold the pea pod around the peas so that the peas are just peeking out of the pea pod.

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