Introduction: Miniature Clay Snow Cone

You can make any color snow cone you want!
I'm making rainbow colored clay snow cones!

Step 1: Get the Colors

Get light colors:
And white

Step 2: Cut the Clay

Cut each color except white in a size that will make it in a full circle

Step 3: Stick the Clay Together!

Stick the clay all together in order of the rainbow colors

Step 4: Make the Cone

Shape the white clay into a cone shape
Then put a white strip of clay around the top of the cone

Step 5: Cut the Colors

Cut a little bit of the bottom

Step 6: Put Them Together

Put the cut part of the colors on the top of the cone

Step 7: Dip the Colors!

Dip the colors in glaze!

Step 8: Dip It in Salt!

Step 9: Bake!

Put it in the oven at 245 degrees Fahrenheit for 15 mins!

Step 10: Finished!