Introduction: Miniature Fangirl's Bedroom

For the miniature fangirls bedroom you will mostly use things you have at home. It's really easy to make too!

Step 1: The Bed, Nightstand and Trashcan

For the bed you will need fabric, a wallet, and cotton

  1. you will get some fabric and wrap it around the wallet
  2. then you will get more fabric and place it underneath to get the right height
  3. next comes the pillow, you will het cotton and shape it into whatever you want then wrap fabric around it

For the trashcan you need some tissues/paper and a cap

  1. get a cap and fill it will a bunch of paper scraps and tissue

For the nightstand you need a headphone holder top, an old tape tube, and a yellow connect 4 chip

  1. place a yellow connect 4 chip on top of a tape tube
  2. then place that on top of the headphone holder cap

Step 2: Chair and Flooring

For the flooring you will need tissue paper of any color and felt

  1. place tissue paper onto a box
  • you may add carpeting on it with felt

The chair will be a box that a necklace comes in

  1. lift up the removable part of the box and lean it against the side of the box

Step 3: Merchandise and T.V.

anyone who was a fangirl/fanboy knows that you most likely have a whole bunch of posters and other merchandise, and so does this fangirl!

  1. for the posters you will need to print out pictures/lyrics/quotes of whatever you like

  • for example I did One Direction, Harry Potter (I am in both fandoms), and BTS
  • I also happened to have a Niall Horan doll thing and used it as kind of a cardboard cutout
  • and I had a Ravenclaw bookmark a friend made for me and some bracelets too

for the T.V. you need a box that is a top and bottom and some paper

  1. put the top of the box at the bottom
  2. write/draw something on the paper and put it inside

Step 4: End

Add everything in a cardboard box and your done!

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