Introduction: Miniature Floating House in a Bottle

Hello All,

In this instructable, I will share how to make this miniature floating house in a bottle. We will be recycling, most of the items commonly found at home...

Step 1: What Do We Need?

  • Cardboard ( Amazon delivery box)
  • One popsicle stick
  • Old Chutney bottle or glass jar
  • PVA glue or fevicol
  • Acrylic colors and paint brushes
  • Cutter and scissors
  • Coco peat - small amounts
  • Wire
  • LED

Step 2: Base

  • The base is like a domes shaped piece of land with flat top surface
  • To create this, cut few circles of cardboard as shown
  • Stick each cardboard in descending order
  • Make sure that the base size is much smaller then the neck of the bottle
  • The base will be stuck at it's back to give the floating illusion
  • So we have added additional flat cardboard as shown
  • Let this dry for 30 minutes
  • Now apply PVA glue or fevicol on the curves side of the base and stick coco peat to it
  • You could use colored sand or dirty as well
  • This needs to dry for 1 hr and then apply 2nd layer of coco peat

Step 3: House

  • I have used a large popsicle stick to make the house, It is about 0.5 " in size
  • Cut house walls from popsicle sticks
  • Use paper tape to hold the walls in position and stick the house walls using glue
  • After drying, add cardboard (corrugated box) roof
  • Using Arcylic paint, draw windows, doors and paint the walls and roof

Step 4: Tree

  • Take few pieces of wire (3")
  • twist and turn to make tree like figure
  • Remember to add wire loops at the end
  • Paint the tree brown using acrylic paint

Step 5: Leaves

  • To prepare green grass and leaves, I used Coco peat and colored it using green paint
  • I recommend to use lighter shade of green as, the coco peat will darken after it dries
  • After coco peat is dried, I filtered smaller particles an used them as leaves or grass
  • Apply glue on the tree and dig it in colored coco peat
  • Let it rest for 10 minutes and repeat few times to get thick tree look

Step 6: Detailing

  • Add moss or creeper on the roof and walls using glue and sprinkling green coco peat on it
  • Once this is dried, using a tooth pick clean excess coco peat to make prominent lines etc
  • Stick the house on the base
  • Apply glue around the house and sprinkle green coco peat as symbol of grass
  • Stick the tree on the side of the house
  • Let everything dry

Step 7: Assembling

  • Gentling push the house and land inside the bottle
  • Glue the land on the bottle, remember we have to stick it at the back, to give the floating effect
  • Add a led and cover the neck using cardboard cap

Hope you liked this project, Please share your comments or suggestions