Introduction: Miniature Football Goal Post From PVC

This is a small football goalpost, designed for small children and good for Superbowl parties (or let them play football without getting onto the actual field - this might be good for little children at an older sibling's practice). This is a freestanding unit and can be used inside or outside. Paint it your team's colors and let your kid kick/throw balls through the uprights and make it a part of the ctual game watching.


I used 1/2" Schedule 40 PVC, but you can use larger diameters if you need more stability. You can also adjust the dimensions if you want it a little larger. Get the joints that slip together, not the ones with screw threads.

5 - T joints
1 - cross joint
3 - 90° elbow joints
9 - end caps

Quantity - Pipe Lengths:
1 - 2"
3 - 3"
2 - 8"
2 -11"
2 - 13"
5 - 14"
2 - 18"

PVC Cutter (or a traditional saw)
PVC primer / glue (if you don't want it to come apart)
Krylon fusion paint (if you want it colored)


Put the pieces together into the goal (see the exploded diagram). If you want it to be very stable and not come apart, use PVC primer/solvent welding on the pieces (check the dry fit first).

If desired, paint with a plastic-bonding paint such as Krylon Fusion line of paints, or decorate it with stickers/streamers, etc.