Introduction: Miniature Knife With Sheath

This is a mini knife that is smaller that 3 cm long. It can be used for all types of things.

NOTICE: I am not responsible if you hurt yourself.


  • Paper
  • 1 Hobby Knife Blade
  • Glue


  • Scissors
  • Pliers

Step 1: Make the Handle

To make the handle you will need to cut a strip of paper that will go around the spot where the handle of the hobby knife would normally go. Then wrap it around to get the creases. Then unfold it and put glue on the inside and then wrap it up again. Then get the pliers and cramp the handle so that it stays together. Wait for the glue to dry and wipe away any excess.

Step 2: Make the Sheath

Cut a wide strip of paper (about 2 cm thick) and wrap it around the blade end. Once you have the creases then you unfold it and put glue on the inside. Roll it back up but don't crimp it. Then wait for the glue.

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