Introduction: Miniature Toy Car

  • First of all, the wheels don't turn, also, the battery doesn't make it move. It doesn't move by it's self. But it is easy and fun to make. And, make sure you use a dead battery other wise it will spark or even explode.

It does not matter what kind of steering wheel you get. I just found this steering wheel in my house somewhere. For Ideas for the steering wheel: Milk cap, a button, or even a washer. I would not use the washer, because the wheels are washers.

So, there are two ways you can make this. You can choose to use a hot glue gun, or regular super glue to make it stronger and it won't break as easily. Glue two of the washers on one side of the battery. Then repeat on the other side. Next, attach the half Easter egg to the back of your car (the negative terminal side). Finally, Glue your steering wheel on top of the Positive terminal side.

What you will need:

  • a rectangular( DEAD) battery (9 volt)
  • four washers that are the same size
  • half of a normal sized Easter egg
  • a steering wheel of your choice