Introduction: Miniature Tree Necklace- Winter Wonderland

As my inspiration for holiday gifts expanded, I found myself making these super cute and unique necklaces out of a bunch of materials I already had. The chains and charms were part of an old necklace I got a while back but never wore. The trees were left over from my first instructable which was snow globe ornaments. Lastly, the domes I just happened to come across at a local Michael’s Craft store but never knew what to do with them. I am so happy I was able to put all these misfits together and create a holiday gift that my family and friends will love.

Step 1: Supplies

  • -Super mall bottle brush trees
  • -Miniature dome pendent (found at Michael’s craft store but also can be found on etsy or ebay)
  • -Chain necklace with a few charms on it
  • -1 cotton ball
  • -Crazy glue
  • -Wire cutters
  • -White acrylic paint
  • -Small paintbrush
  • -Hot gun and glue

Step 2: Trim the Trees

If your tree needs trimming, use the wire cutters to cut off the excess wire so the tree fits in the dome.

Step 3: Add the Snow

If your tree needs snow, use the acrylic paint and paintbrush to dab some on. The harder you dab the more paint will stick and clump, thus more snow on the tree.

Step 4: Add the Cotton

Grab the cotton ball and stretch out a small amount into a cylinder. Curl the cylinder into a circle and fit to the size of the metal bottom piece. Poke the tree through the cotton circle so that the metal trunk is sticking out. Re-size and make sure it fits in metal bottom piece.

Step 5: Glue the Tree

Dab a small amount of hot glue to the metal trunk sticking out from the cotton. Place to the middle of the metal bottom and hold secure. Make sure tree is standing straight. Using back of paint brush, push cotton away from the sides of metal bottom as much as you can. Make sure everything is how you want it before proceeding to next step.

Step 6: Crazy Glue

Dab a small amount of crazy glue directly to the bottom of the glass dome. Go all the way around. Place the dome on the metal bottom and hold in place, pushing lightly for 3 min, or until glue dries. And voila, a miniature tree dome.

Step 7: Add the Chain

Take your chain and unclamp it. Thread the dome loop through the chain. Re-clamp and all done.

Step 8: My Variation

The first one I made without snow because the little tree had a trunk so instead of the cotton, I just crazy glued the wood trunk directly to the metal bottom. I like the one with cotton better. What would you choose?

I hope this inspires you to make your own gifts this season even with only one week left before Christmas.

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