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Introduction: Miniature Gift Bags

About: I am a full-time mum working on a childrens fashion line that I hope to launch at the end of 2012.

I am making a friend a birthday tree so am making a bunch of these mini gift bags to fill with various treats. They're easy to make and very cute!

Step 1: You Will Need:

1. A matchbox or box the size of your choice

2. An old sewing pattern (wrapping paper works too)

3. scissors

4. Glue

5. A hole punch

6. String or ribbons

6. Sewing needles and embellishments (if wanted)

Step 2:

1. Cut a square of your pattern. Make a fold across the top of the pattern piece (this will be the top of your gift bag)

2. Wrap the pattern piece around your matchbox and glue the side pieces of the pattern together (taking care to not get glue on the matchbox

3. Wrap the base as if you were wrapping a present

4. Remove the matchbox

5. Squeese the top of the bag making folds in both side panels

Step 3:

Fill the bags with seeds, chocolate or confetti - anything you like. I am making a bunch filled with different treats for a birthday tree but I think that these would make cute valentines or party favours or would even be an amazing way to gift a flower or vege garden.

Punch a hole in the top of the bag and tie with string

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