Introduction: Miniature Living Room in a Cabinet

Note: For small cabinets only, not possible with larger ones or drawers.

I always watch movies on my HD-enclosure-cum-player and always try to make sure Dad doesn't yell at me while I watch some downloaded YouTube videos* on his TV.

One day, after digging out the old DVD player from the closet** and getting some of the old newspapers for recycling, I pulled out some Blu-tack from the drawer and went straight to work.

* (Biennesoft yt downloader and AVS video converter combined, because the HD supports only a small number of formats. Therefore, using AVS to convert to Xvid which it supports.)
** It doesn't read discs at all. SD's and flash drives still work. Built in battery charges up to 1hr only. All I have left for it is the remote, outlet adapter, AV adapter and TV antenna.