Introduction: Miniatures Paper Plants for Doll House

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Anything in miniatures are sooo cute... :-) i cant get enough of them!

So, I thought for the paper craft about paper miniature plants?? I'm sure there are plenty of people who enjoy making props for doll houses. Even if there is no doll houses...these are so cute I would want to make them!

I saw a picture of a book called 'Quilling Minatures ' by Malinda Johnston' . Although I have not bought the book....I thought it would be pretty easy to make some of those flowers.

For these miniatures I use mostly paper quilling techniques. For Basic shapes ...check out this and this tutorials :-). I have covered practically all shapes :-)...hmm...except one..perhaps a tutorial for that?? lol

You would need to use tweezers mostly for this project as the flowers are really small and delicate :-) also..I have used white glue mostly..but some places I have mentioned hot glue ...cause it's easier . for my cute little pots and plants :-)

Step 1: Pots Pots and Pots

For most of the tutorial the strips I have used are paper strips that I have shredded in my the width would be 3mm.

If I have deviated from the normal strips I would have mentioned it in the please read the instructions in the pictures :-) Thanks

Also for the pots I used 48" length of paper...but because of thickness of paper are different it may eyeball the size you want while wrapping and making the tight circle.

Step 2: Airplane Plant

For this I used 3mm green strips and 1mm ivory. The leaves length vary below 1.6" . The runners length were cut while assembling so I may adjust accordingly :-)

Step 3: Long Stemmed Lillies

I cut the fringe with my craft knife...if you like you may use a scissor or a fringing tool. All instructions are in the pictures...however...if you need any clarifications ...ask away! :-)

Step 4: Hyacinths

Step 5: Daisies

For my Daisies I used a daisy flower puncher. However...if you don't have could always make a fringe flower or purchase on ebay :-)

Step 6: Trailing Sedum

There are various types of Trailing Sedum. Here I have shown how to make two types.

Step 7: Palm Plant

Now that you have got all your fringing about making a palm plant? it's pretty easy...simply fold a 1.25" wide strip of paper in two and cut at an angle...then cut leaves and attach floral wire. Then hot glue to your pot!

Isn't that easy?

Step 8: Enjoy!

I shall try and come up with more miniature plant.....or if you like something ...send me a picture...I'll try and see if I can do it for you.

Till then...Please don't forget to vote for the paper craft contest!!! pretty please with sugar on top! lol :-)

Thanks for reading...hope you enjoyed my tutorial ;-)

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