Minifigure Display/Wall Clock

Introduction: Minifigure Display/Wall Clock

A great way to show off minifigure collections!
Detachable velcro-type mounting strips make it easy to change out figures and replace clock battery.

Difficulty level: super easy
Time: less than an hour of work, plus one hour wait time
Cost: mounting strips - $ 24 ( but can be done more cheaply), clock mechanism - $2 - $5, Legos already have on hand
Ages: 6 and up

These instructions will work to create a wall clock from any other collection of items: various kinds of toys, small framed pictures, circuitry...the possibilities are endless. Let us know how you were inspired.

Step 1: Materials List

* Clock Mechanism
We pried off the face of a cheap plastic battery operated wall clock and removed the functioning clock part

* 12 Lego minifigures

* 12 2x4 Lego bricks, any color

* 12 plates, optional
Plates come with collectible minifigures packs, but you can simply attach minifigures directly to the brick

* 13 pair (26) of small velcro-style removable picture mounting strips
We used 3M Command Small Picture Hanging Strips [available at most office supply stores] so as not to damage paint. But to make this more affordable , you could cut 24 pieces of velcro tape 1.25 inches (size of brick) and 2 pieces about the width of the clock piece

* 12 dot stickers
We used 3/4" size, but you can get creative for how to indicate numbers...or skip numbers altogether if you want

Step 2: Stick Mounting Strips (or Tape) to Back of Clock and Bricks

Push strip (tape) onto object for at least 30 seconds -- or follow instructions on package.

We aligned half of strips to left edge of bricks and half on right edge so that tabs face towards center.

Step 3: Assemble Minifigures Display

Attach minifigures and plates (I if using),to bricks.

Step 4: Attach Mounting Strips (tape) to Wall

Clean wall surface with alcohol and allow to dry --follow instructions on package.

Lay out clock pattern. This can be any size or shape you choose.
We found it easiest to
- first set up points for 12, 3, 6, and 9:
- then space out other numbers;
- then center the clock.

Push strip (tape) to wall for at least 30 seconds

Wait one hour before attaching bricks -- or follow instructions.

Step 5: Attach Legos to Wall

Setting up this layout is the fun part.

Step 6: Create Number Markings

Write numbers 1 - 12 on dot sticker...or use any alternative.
Stick dots over tabs.

Step 7: Change Up Display Whenever You Want

Simply pop brick off of wall, replace minifigures, reconnect mounting strip (tape) to wall.

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