Introduction: + Video DIY Bike Repair Stand for Bottom Brucket

This time I'm sharing how I build this bike stand, inspired
by the Scorpion stand.

Watch the video to better understand the process.

You Will Need:

Materials –

Standard galvanized pipes:

3 pipes – 3/4 in' 30 cm long (12 inch)

2 pipes – 3/4 in' 20 cm long (8 inch)

1 pipe – 1/2 in' 20 cm long (8 inch), cut down to 15 cm (6 inch)


2 – 90 degree 3/4 elbow

1 – 3/4 T fitting

1 – 90 degree 3/4 to 1/2 elbow

16 mm stainless steel pipe/ M16 threaded rod – 17 cm (6.5 inch)

2 – M5 * 10mm screws

Small piece of 16mm irrigation hose

Polymorph pellets - 50g

Tools –

Hack saw



4mm drill bit, M5 tap


Measuring tape

Step 1: Steo 1

I start by measuring the length of the bottom bracket (aka BB),

and the distance between the end of the pedal and the BB, to understand the clearance for the pedals be able to spin.

Then I measured the length from the BB to the floor, to be sure the back wheel is of the floor.

This stand I designed is for 29r, so I'm pretty sure it will fit any bike with a hallow BB.

Check out the picture to understand how the stand is assembled

Make sure to thread the pipes to the fitting as tight a possible, it takes some elbow grease.

Step 2: Step 2

Now the problem is that the inside diameter of the BB is 21

mm, and the 1/2 pipe is a hair over that, the solution I found is to cut down the 1/2 pipe to 15 cm (with a hack saw) and to insert a 16 mm pipe(with the help of a hammer), mine came from an old IKEA kitchen rail or use M16 threaded rod.

Step 3: Step 3

Make sure the stand is leveled and strait, drill 4 mm hole in

each of the bottom elbows (see pic), the hole need to go through the threads of the 20 cm pipe.

Using M5 tap to thread the hole, screw the M5 screws. Without the screws the stand will not hold its shape under the weight of the bike.

Worm the end of a 16mm irrigation hose in hot water, with some force slip it on the 16 mm pipe and cut the free end off, do it twice.

Step 4: Step 4

To prevent the metal pipes rubbing on the floors I used

polymorph pellets, melted in hot water and shaped.