Introduction: Minimalist Christmas Tree

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For the minimalist decorator - or the merely ornament-challenged - here's a Christmas Tree that only features one bauble!

[Update: I've uploaded the patterns in the last step, due to popular demand!]

Step 1: No-waste Design

I designed this Christmas tree to be made in 3mm Birch Plywood, and it stands just 20cm (8 in) tall. But it can certainly be scaled up to any size. I made it to fit the 40mm diameter baubles I had lying around from last Christmas.

The design is simple: 4 identical sections joined by 2 hub connector pieces. The 4 section pieces are symmetrical such that they nest together into a neat rectangle, reducing waste and cut time.

I drew this pattern in AutoCAD and transferred it to the Cut2D software that drives my 4W Emblaser laser cutter to cut this out. You could certainly do this with a scroll saw or even a jig saw if you scaled it up!

Templates are attached in Step 4

Step 2: Cut and Assemble

On my home laser cutter it took a full 3 hours to cut out all the pieces! I'm sure a proper 40-60W CO2 laser would handle this in minutes!

Assemble 3 of the main section pieces to the hub-connector pieces, as shown in the third photo. If the pieces are a bit tight, some sandpaper will do the trick.

This forms a 3-sided cradle for a 40mm tree bauble. Pop the bauble in the centre before fitting in the last piece.

The tree should hold together by friction. Add glue if needed.

Step 3: Top It Off With a Star!

The star was made as a separate piece, simply because putting the topper on a tree is the best part, isn't it?

This star slots right in between the 4 sections. It can be held with some glue if it is loose.

Templates are in the next step.

Step 4: Templates

Here are the templates:

Big template is for a 270mm/11" tall tree (without the star). This fits a bauble of 59mm/ 2 5/16" diameter. Print at A3 size.

Small template is for a 180mm/7" tall tree (without the star). This fits a bauble of 39mm/ 1 1/2" diameter. Print at A4 size.

Both templates are drawn with slots for 3mm thick material.


Merry Christmas!


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