Introduction: Minimalist Concrete Lamp

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This is one of my favorite projects not only for its beauty but for its simplicity!
I hope you like it as much as I do!


  • Disposable plastic cup
  • E27 lamp holder
  • Lamp power cord with switch
  • Concrete & Sand our concrete mix
  • Light bulb

Step 1: Gather All Materials and Let's Start

This lamp is minimalist, so the materials I will use are few and simple and do not require any special skills.

If you are inexperienced in making basic electricity connections, please ask for help from someone who has experience. Working with electricity is dangerous, check that all connections are correct and never connect the plug until the concrete is completely cured. Avoid unnecessary accidents ...

Start by making a small hole in the plastic cup in order to pass the power cable. This is the best technique for the lamp cable, I came to the conclusion that with the power cable coming out from underneath it will create instability and aesthetically it will not look finished.

Connect the electric cable to the lamp holder and then insulate. Insulation never hurts! Use hot glue without fear, fill the hole until it is watertight. If your lamp holder has more holes, fill them all with glue.

Cover the connection of the lamp holder with the lamp with paper tape. I use painter's tape and it works surprisingly well! With the utility knife cut the tape as close as possible without compromising the insulation of the lamp holder.

Now, to finish the mold, glue the lamp holder to the disposable cup. Apply glue to the painter's tape and glue inside the cup, try to keep it centered. This step is very important because if you don't glue it right in the center it will be crooked.

Then adjust the power cable and insulate the cable outlet with hot glue. Apply the glue only on the outside and the minimalist lamp mold is complete!

Step 2: Mix the Concrete and Finish the Project

The minimalist lamp is almost finished, at least the hardest work is done!

I made a watery mixture of cement with sand 1:1 and it worked really well. It is important to keep it watery in order to capture all the roughness of the disposable cup and make it easier to remove air bubbles.

Fill the mold with the concrete mixture and tap to remove air bubbles and let it cure for at least 3 days.

Remove the disposable cup carefully. You have to cut it to release the power cable and then with the utility knife make a cut on the painter's tape and pull carefully to reveal the lamp holder and you know what? It's done!
Apply rubber feet to protect furniture. I use the IKEA drawer stops, they are free and great as feet!

Now choose a lamp and your minimalist lamp is ready to use!

Step 3: Final Thoughts

This is one of the few projects that I concluded that would not change anything, in my opinion the lamp is simple and functional, which has always been the goal.

If you think there are ways to improve please leave your comment.

If you have any doubts feel free to ask.

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Thank you very much, I hope you enjoyed it!

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