Introduction: Minimalist Couch

I made this sofa for a friend. My brother designed it using Rhinoceros 5 and I made it with my own hands... and some tools. It will give your home that modern and visually stunning appearance.

Step 1: Wood

Cut the pieces as you can see in the drawings file. I bought Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF), it's cheap and resistant. Join the parts with screws (1 and a half inches) and glue for wood according to the drawing.

Then add a pine wood frame inside. It's very resistant.

Step 2: Strap

Attach the strap to the pine wood frame using screws as you can see in the pictures.

Step 3: Formica

Use plastic laminant for furnishing. Bright white.

Step 4: Iron

I don't have the right tools and skills to make the iron tubular structure so the right man did it for me and then I painted with electrostatic paint. Finally I fixed it to the wood with 4 screws.

Step 5: Cushions

Another guy made the cushions for me with the right measures. I chose grey leather.

Step 6: Finished

That's the sofa, and that's my friend's office. I made the furniture to the office too. I hope you like it and sorry for my english.