Introduction: Minimalist DIY Lamp


This is my first Instructables project. I wanted to make a simple project that anyone could make on their own, hence this minimalistic lamp! It doesn't require any special skills, and it can be customizable by adding a design on the lamp shade.

Hope you enjoy!


I mostly used remaining materials from past projects, but they're relatively easy to find and pretty cheap.

If you have any trouble getting any of these, you can easily replace them with a similar one of your choice.

-MDF wood (or any kind of wood)

-Styrene sheet 0.5 mm (or any flexible plastic sheet)

-Lightbulb socket

-Light bulb

-Lamp cord

-Lamp switch (best if you find a cord that already has a switch)

-Lamp switch


-Wooden edge banding (optional)

Step 1: Base

For the base, I used MDF wood.

First you have to draw 2 circles (you can choose any shape you want), cut and sand them.

In the middle of one of the circles, draw and cut a slot to place the lightbulb socket and an opening for the cord.

Glue both circles together and sand again to make sure they're a perfect match.

Step 2: Electrical Assembly

Gather the light socket, the cord and the switch.

(Note: These were the supplies I could find in my local hardware store so I had to adapt, but it's way easier if you find a proper lamp cord with a switch!)

Using an X-Acto knife or scissors, cut the plug and separate the wires. Expose the wires and twirl as shown.

First, we're going to connect to the socket. The exposed wires need to make contact with the screws for it to work, so make the wires embrace the thread of the screws. Make sure to tighten carefully!

Next, the switch. You're going to cut and peel only one wire (I made a mistake here, so I had to tape the exposed wire. It's okay to make mistakes!) Again, you need to brace the exposed wire with the thread of the screws and tighten. Place the cap on the switch.

Last, place the socket in the slot of the base.

I also added a wooden edge band to the base, but this is totally optional.

Step 3: Lamp Shade

I personally prefer a minimalist look, but here's where you can get creative. You can add a design to the shade, choose another color, anything you want!

First, measure properly and make sure the length of the shade is enough to cover the circumference of the base.

Now the easy part: you only have to glue the shade to the edge of the base with any glue of your choice (I used cold silicone glue) and that's it! I used a screw for extra strenght.

Step 4: Enjoy!

Your lamp is ready!

What I like about this design is that it's so simple that you can personalize it as freely as you want, so let your creativity flow!

Hope you enjoyed this Instructable. :)

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