Introduction: Minimalist Desk Setup With Cardboard

Hello makers!

If you have a minimalist desk for work, it's time for you to think about minimalist desk setup. But do you know that minimalist desk setup can easily build with cardboard. I have made it and used it for 2 months. Surprisingly, my cardboard desk setup won the first place for national interior design competition in my country Indonesia.

The desk setup is consist of a desk shelf with 3 floors and a laptop stand which can be used in 2 positions. They are very useful to organize a minimalist desk so you can have more space for work.

So in this instructables I want to share how I make it. It takes about 3 hours to build and ready to use. Yeah just 3 hours, fast and easy for useful things.

Step 1: Watch and Learn

For the step 1, I want you to know how the process from zero so I have made a summary video for you, just watch and follow the steps.

Step 2: Prepare Tools and Materials

The tools you need are glue gun and ruler. Also you need a computer to design the laser cutting.

The material is just rigid 2-layer cardboard. it has a strong construction and is suitable for making heavy-duty crafts.

Yeah that's it!! and now the rest is just creativity!

Step 3: Cut the Line

I make the laser cut design with CorelDraw x7. I divided it into 9 files here, you can download and redesign it as you want and the size of the cardboard you have. Use ruler to measure your cardboard to fit it with the design.

Step 4: Prepare the Parts on the Table

After you cut the cardboard with laser cutting, now you can prepare the parts for the assembly. Don't forget to heat up the glue gun. And then you ready for assembly

Step 5: Let's Get Assembly

Okay, now you ready to assembly the parts. You can follow the video above.

1. First of all lets take attention for the order of cardboard

2. Then glue it with glue gun

Step 6: Rearrange Your Desk

Now you ready to get the minimalist. Rearrange your desk with this great desk setup. Enjoy and feel the benefits of scraps. Have fun and see you in the next instructables, I will modify it with more attractive look.

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