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Introduction: Minimalist Mini-Wallet

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Have you ever felt the need to bring as little as possible to a store, but you didn't feel like just putting the miscellaneous money and cards into your pocket? Well do I have the product for you! Emcannon presents; 5-hours-of-my-life-wasted-trying-to-figure-out-why-fillets-are-so-finicky! Anyways, here's the impractical but slightly useful item you've been looking for, the aptly named the Minimalist Mini-Wallet.

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For this project you'll need...


- 3D Printer


- Filament

- Superglue

~ ~ ~


- Room for 1 standard US Credit/Debit card

- 2 flaps for storing paper currency

- Minimalist design

- 3D printable

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...Howsabout we actually get to making the darn thing?

Step 1: Download Files

To 3D print the Minimalist Mini-Wallet, you're gonna need the files. I've provided Google Drive links to the 2 parts below.

~ ~ ~

Step 2: Print Parts

Here you can see me printing the parts on my Monoprice Select Mini 3D Printer Version 2 (What a mouthful!). You can go ahead and print your parts now. I recommend a .1 mm layer height with 100% infill. I also HIGHLY recommend you print the 2 pieces in different colors for a little bit of dual-tone action.

Step 3: Finish!

After printing, the parts should press-fit together. However, I recommend that you use some superglue on the parts to really keep them together.

~ ~ ~

And that's it! If you have any questions or suggestions, leave them in the comments below. Now go out there and enjoy your new 3D printed Minimalist Mini-Wallet.


~ ~ ~

...PS: I know that this is self-promotion, but don't forget to vote for this project.

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