Introduction: Minimalist Steel Wallet Card Holder No Power Tools Needed

The internet is full with minimalist card holders and wallets made from a broad range of materials,
some are chep as 2 USD, some go to over 70... but where is the fun in buying them ?
Here I will show you a simple way you can make a custom one in just 2 hours with only 3-4 tools needed,
and no power tools, although you can use them if you have.
Also, minimal skill is required.


Some steel, I used a old CD reader case, but you can use anything
(aluminium is the best, as it is soft to work and wont corode)
Sheet steel cutting pliers,

Step 1: Drawing Your Pattern

Here you have your whole free will to make it your unique design.
I included a clip tie that holds the cards and money as a one unit.
Just draw it on the paper in scale, google can help you with finding templates
and I will not include mine because I damaged it in the process xD sorry.

Step 2: Transfering Your Pattern to Sheet Steel

This is straightforward,
pencil, scribe, markers...
Whatever you have, just make sure tha it is all squared up and in proportion.
Rullers and compases help.

Step 3: Cutting Out the Steel

I used shears, but you can use a hacksaw, bandsaw, grinder...
cut it as closely to your design.

Step 4: Sanding It Out

Sand out all the sharp edges and give it a final touch.
I used 100 grit sandpaper, and finished it with 180 and 360 grit.
Just be carefull not to cut yourself!!

Step 5: Bending It to Shape

I used a steel ruller as a corner to bend it about,
and holded it in a bench vice, with leather to prevent scraching it,
but you can do with pliers if you dont have a vice
also a hammer is always useful xD

Step 6: Finishing It Up

Just do some final high grit sandpaper touchups, and a light stroke from a soft brush to give it a bit texture.

Also, you can paint it up, add stickers... Whatever you want, remember, it is all about fun ! ;)

Step 7: Fill It Up and Enjoy

Have a nice time, thanks <3