Introduction: Minimalist Wallet From Receptacle Plates

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I tried to make a minimalist wallet using other instructables, but didn't have a laser cutter, cnc machine, plate aluminum, or sheet acrylic. These are not things normal people have just laying around... OK, I may not be normal, so they are things I was not able to find locally.

I discovered nylon unbreakable switch and receptacle plates make good materials for this type of construction. They are usually well stocked at your local hardware or "big box" store in brown, ivory, white, and sometimes more colors.

Not to dismiss some other very nice instructables, this is just my own poor man's version.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

Materials needed:

  1. (2) Nylon device plates (Cooper PJ8, PJ1, PJ13, PJ7, and others)
  2. Elastic strips, 1-inch wide, approximately 14 inches (or less)
  3. Cyanoacrylate glue (super glue, Krazy glue)

Tools needed:

  1. Scissors
  2. Something to cut nylon plates (Dremel or other rotary tool recommended, however heavy scissors may work for you.)
  3. Something to shape plates (again a Dremel tool, or sandpaper)


  1. Safety goggles when using a rotary tool.
  2. Dust mask when using rotary tool or sandpaper

Items NOT needed:

  1. Laser anything
  2. Knowledge of Python programming
  3. Platform shoes

Optional items:

  1. Adult beverage

Step 2: Let's Do It!

Carefully center and layout your plate per the drawing. Use a receptacle plate, a switch plate, a GFI plate, or keep it simple with a blank plate. The duplex receptacle plate makes a nice thumb hole to use to slide out cards and such. Trim to size with your rotary tool and a cutting blade, or use heavy scissors. DO NOT RUN WITH SCISSORS!

Shape rounded edges with sandpaper or rotary tool.

The back of the plates have ribs. In some cases ribs are good, especially with a really good sauce. In this case we will need to remove them. I used my rotary tool to flatten the ribs and sandpaper to smooth it even flatter.

You can make either 1 or 2 elastic bands, I made one for everyday use and a second band for extra security. One short band is sufficient for me to keep things in place, however a second perpendicular band might be preferred on occasion, although it makes it difficult to slide things in and out quickly.

Wrap the elastic around your 2 plates together without stretching, and cut so you have about a 1/2 overlap. Overlap the cut piece about 1 inch and glue together with super glue. This should be tight enough to hold everything together and leave enough stretch to put several cards, money, and other accoutrements.

That's it. Please share your ideas and experiences if you've done this.

Hope you have enjoyed my instructable.