Minimalist Wallet/card Holder Made From Old Trousers



Introduction: Minimalist Wallet/card Holder Made From Old Trousers

I've been planning to dump my ugly thick leather wallet for some time. Like most people living in a modern era, I figured that all I need is just (quite) a few cards to get through my daily life.

After some searching on the market, I noticed that most of the minimalist wallet are either overpriced or not slim enough for my taste.

Hailed by my maker spirit, I decided to make one.

I have a few old trousers lying around that I figured I could make good use of them in this project.

Since this project needs quite some stitching work and I am not well trained in this regards. You will need to bear with my terrible stitching technique.

Also, I tried to make as many photos as I could (remember) during the process but I might miss a few steps. Therefore, I have prepared some diagram along for this instructable.

Step 1: Here's What You Need

1) Some fabrics from old trousers/jeans/shirts

2) Two credit card sized plastic cards. From used gift card or expired membership card.

3) Tools, such as needle and thread, ruler, cutter, scissors and

4) a pair of glasses (at the end I need some bandages as well)

Step 2: Notch Both Plastic Cards With a Cutter

These cards will be used to hold up the wallet to maintain the basic structure as well to served as protection layers for the more important cards in the wallet. The notches are for later easy access to the wallet contents. You will see why.

Step 3: Let the Stitching Begin!

Measure and cut the fabrics, we will need 3 pieces of them. For the wallet itself, the outer pocket and the keychain loop.

Fold the fabric accordingly and stitch where I marked with a red line.
When you are done with the pockets, fill each side with a plastic card with the notched side facing together.

Continue with the outer pocket and keychain loop.

Step 4: More Stitching ...

Seal one side of the pocket with a plastic card in it.

Then, carefully cut where the solid red lines are and strengthen it by sewing along the dotted red lines.

Flip over, so that the outer part is facing toward you. Attach the outer pocket piece and stitched it along the red dotted lines (this will seal the other pocket with the plastic card in it). Stitch the keychain loop above the outer pocket as well.

Step 5: Almost There.

Now, fold the upper and lower parts toward the center, fold the left and right wings inward and stitch along the two side.

Attach a keyring, and we are done!

Step 6: :)

I have stuffed 8 cards (and potential two more) in the main pouch. The outer pocket can take up to 2 cards and some cash.

To access the cards in the main pouch, just push the bottom where the notches are.

This is my first instructable, please excuse if there is lack of details and I'll be glad to answer any questions. :)

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