Mining for Dumpster Gold Do's and Dont's

Introduction: Mining for Dumpster Gold Do's and Dont's

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Renewable energy comes in many form like solar, wind, hydro but energy is also embodied in products man makes and by recycling, re-purposing and reusing materials we make that embodied energy go much farther and we greatly reduce the amount of energy needed to produce new products.

So in this video I take you along on my Mining for Dumpster Gold adventure and I explain basic rules, methods and safety issues that you need to know before you dive in.

Rules for proper Dumpster Mining:

1- Always ask permission and respect the businesses decisions.

2- Clean up after yourself. If it came out of the dumpster it goes back in. Take a broom and dustpan along.

3- Take only what you will really use. Remember other miners will be looking for stuff so don't be greedy.

4- Wear gloves, a mask that covers nose and mouth, goggles are good and appropriate shoes.

5- Beware of industrial waste that may contain toxic chemicals and dusts.

6- Old padded furniture, rugs, and mattresses may contain bedbugs, roaches or mice so avoid them.

7- Do not climb inside a dumpster. Reach in and drag out if at all possible. Trash trucks can not see you in a dumpster.

8- Give companies where you mine your business and support those businesses.

Ok I hope this video and rules helps you to be safe and find many fortunes in your mining and you are helping the environment and using renewable energy when you mine for materials for projects.

I have many free instructable plans and you can visit my youtube channel and website for many more projects and ideas for sustainable living using renewable energy.

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    4 years ago

    Why don't you ask them if you can put the stuff in the dumpster for them, taking what you want first? Then you're helping them out and you don't have to go through garbage. When I'm out with a bottle or can with a deposit, I never throw them in the garbage, I put them in top, so that others can easily collect them.