Introduction: Minion Wreath

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Did I mention I love Great Stuff foam and Minions? This was a quick minion Christmas wreath.
Materials: Foamvboard, crayola dry foam, Ollie store ornaments, acrylics, hot glue and dollar store poster lights.

Step 1: Measuring and Planning the Size

Measure the circle to the size you want. I drew the base and shape I wanted.
Make sure to shake your can well to maximize the spraying.

Step 2: Foam Love

Did I tell you I love this foam? I was able to make 2. Make sure to select your ornaments before it sets and place them at your own leisure but before it dries if you want the ornaments to set in.

Step 3: Maximum Expansion

This works better if you have a water spray bottle. Great Stuff foam expands if you spray water on it even more. I love the way this came out. After it dried I coated it wit white acrylics.

Step 4: Snowy

I thought it looked too plain with just the white so I added some frosting.
Big mistake because it fell all over the place.
Good thing Great stuff and the ornaments are water resistant and was able to rinse them off

Step 5: Minion

I started with the sillier cutout of the minion on one of the foam boards.
I added the crayola foam clay as a base color.
Another mistake. This foam takes ages to dry and when it does it cracks. After this I started using per mâché more often.

Step 6: Minion Details

As you can see I painted all the details of the minion as was able to cover up some of the cracking. After it dried I mounted the base to the foam wreath.

Step 7: Light It Up.

As I mentioned on the previous step. I hot glued the minion to the wreath and added the poster lights, the end.

This was my first foam wreath. It was a learning experience.
This tutorial was on my drafts for the longest time. Merry Christmas and hope you like.
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