Introduction: Minion

Homemade Minion!

Step 1: Cardboard Tube

For this step I scored the cardboard about every 3 inches with an exacto blade.  This allowed it to for a cirle around the hulahoop.  I then attached the cardboard after drilling a few small holes to the hoop with some tiny zip ties.  

Step 2: Goggles

Following the same design, I scored the cardboard again about every 2 inches, and wrapped it about a circle.  This time I used a 7" place.  I help it in place temporarily with masking tape while I hot glued it together. Then I covered these with plain copy paper, as I wanted them to have a smoother finish, and painted them grey. 

Step 3: Yellow Fleece

Finally I covered the whole thing with quilting batting I had leftover from a long ago project, and then yellow fleece.  The fleece was the most expensive part 

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