Introduction: Minions

Yes Minions

Step 1: Minions...!!!

Woah!!! hello every one. This is surya. This is my very first handson experience with modelling clay. Well who doesnt like Minions!!! those cute little funny yellow army and Iam seriously crazy about them . Once I've come across those little minion action figures at a shopping mall in mumbai. Iam a kind of guy who loves to make everything on my own. Since then this idea of making a minion figure incepted in me. One fine day I went to the crafts shop in my city, purchased "White modelling clay" that hardens naturally. Well thats it. I've got acrylic colors with me already!

Step 2: Raw Minion

I have downloaded couple of minion pictures. Importantly from every view. I mean to get an idea how minion looks from back, side, front, top. Started making this.

1. Inintially I made a plain oval shape.

2. added a layer of clay on that and crafted it to look like blue jean

3. Then made small hands and attached it. Remember the clay hardens quick under fan. so try to wet it a little with water.

4. Now comes that eyes with glasses.made it seperately and attached it

5. finally those tiny legs.

Step 3:

6. Allow it to dry naturally ( I prefer) do not put it in oven cauz it hardens and you cannot modify it

7. make sure it is dried up. then add colour. I used acrylic colors

Step 4: Agnes

Let minion to dry after coloring it( It dries quickly though). Meanwhile I made an attempt to craft Agnes

Sorry for the hair

Step 5:

Here comes the finished Stuart alongside Agnes

Dont forget to add eye to the minion!

Step 6: Yellow Army

Well with the successful attempt in crafting stuart and agnes ,With great excitement tried out the rest of yellow army i.e, My ever favorite Bob and clever Kevin! There goes the song Baa.. baa.. baaaa..... ba baaa ba baa.....baa...baa..baaa..bananaaaaa!

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