Introduction: Minnie Mouse Crown

This is a Minnie Mouse crown. It's a crown that Minnie Mouse would probably wear if she actually were alive and were a princess. If you follow the steps correctly, you can make a Minnie Mouse crown just like the one in the picture above.

Step 1: Gather Your Parts!

In order to make a Minnie Mouse crown, you will need:

1 Minnie Mouse headband

1 pair of scissors

1 black/navy blue beanie like the one showed in the picture above

1 tape measure

2-5 pieces of yellow paper (depending on how large your head is)

tape or glue (none shown in the picture above)

Step 2: Measure It!

Now, in order to make your crown part, you need to use your tape measure. Put the beanie you're using for this project on your head. Put the end of the tape measure on one part of your head and wind it around your head until it meets the other end of the tape measure. Look at the number of inches. Let's say your head is 60 inches from one side of your head and back again with the beanie on.That's as many inches of paper you need.

Step 3: Draw the Crown!

Take those results and make sure you have that many inches of yellow paper. Draw a crown on your pieces of paper like shown in the picture above. If you need to add more inches, just use your next available paper. Put the paper that you finished drawing and line it up with your next paper. Pretend that the new paper is attached to the one you already drew on. Continue drawing on your new paper. Make sure you don't leave even a single inch out, or you could have a problem. The first time I made the crown, I had a problem. The problem was that the crown didn't fit my head and I had to add more pieces of paper and that took up a lot of time.

Step 4: Cut It Up!

Now take the crowns that you drew and cut them around its outline. Then lay the pieces of crowns on your work space and line them up side by side, in order. If you need help, look at the picture above.

Step 5: Tape It!

Now that you've cut your crown, you need to tape it together. If you haven't already, align your crowns until it looks like a crown that just needs to be taped together, which is what you need to do - tape it up! Next, tape one end of the crown to the other. If you need help, look at the picture above.

Step 6: Wear It!

Now, this is the part where your Minnie Mouse ears come in. You have to put on your beanie and put the ears on top of it. If you need help, look at the image above.

Step 7: Enjoy It!

Now, the last and final step is the easiest. Put the crown on top of your head, like shown in the picture above. Enjoy!

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