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My simple take on the classic character Minnie Mouse.=]

Here i will show you how to make your hair into ears and some simple tweaks from Minnie Mouse's wardrobe.

Super easy and cheap. The only things i bought were the skirt and gloves, totaling this costume at only $8.00 yay

Step 1: Hair = Ears

Here you will see how i transform my hair into Minnie Mouse ears. Items you need are:
- red bow
- teasing comb
- hair spray
- bobby pins
-two hair ties

Split all hair into two sections, but dont forget to leave out bangs(if you have any) and other face framing pieces.

Then tie into two high pigtails.

Starting with one pigtail, take a section and spray it with hair spray then tease(back comb). continue doing so till there's a giant bird nest on each side of your head. lightly comb the surface of this bird nest and then try to form a ball and bobby pin it down securely. continue until satisfied. This takes time to get it right so practice a few times before the big night.

Once it is secure, mist once more arround for control and hold. Then put a bow in the middle. secure it and move on to the next step.

Now take those pieces you left behind and curl them, then spray to hold curls

Step 2: Outfit

First off, i am using the basic colors when i think about Minnie Mouse, which are black, red and white. It was hard to find a whole dress that was red with polka dots so i just went for a skirt. For the top, you can wear whatever you want. i just chose this romper because of the slight sweet heart neck line plus the ruffles at the bottom doubles as a small volume booster for the skirt. i found this skirt at GOODWILL for $4.99, but it was too big. to make it smaller i cut a slit in the waistband and just pulled the stretchy waistband out. i then cutted it and sewed it back together making it cinch.

You also need gloves, which i also found at GOODWILL for $2.99. i cut some black felt into long tear drops and used fabric glue to stick them into place.

Lastly i threw on some pearl necklaces and wore white high heels.

My makeup is a simple black smokey eye with long eyelashes.

Step 3: DONE

And you are basically done=] YAAAY

- for the ears if you would like to see an actual hair tutorial video please contact me and i will send you links since they are not my videos.=]

- if you can, add pearl necklaces before doing hair because i had a long necklace which i wanted to wrap around twice but couldn't due to the big bundles on my head.lol

- Under my strapless romper i wore a simple tank top just to show you varitey, also you can wear a big belt. skinny belt or none at all. it up to you.

- For cold weather you can wear a fitted blazer or even a jean jacket to play it up.


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