Introduction: Minnow Survival-tool

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Purchase stainless steel butter knifes, scissors, or steak knifes from garage sales or second hand stores.

I usually use butter knives because of the way I carry my Minnow. It is open on my key chain and I do not want to cut myself with a super sharp edge.

Step 1: Design

Map out the design of your Minnow using a permanent marker. I use the fish shape. With this shape I can make a flat head screwdriver, bottle opener, pry bar, and box opener. I also like this shape because it looks like fish, rather than being just a shape.

Step 2: Creativity

The best tool to use is a mini bench grinder with a flexible shaft. My grinder has a grinding stone and a polishing wheel. It works great for making the minnow. On the flexible shaft I have a mini cutting wheel. In addition I also use some small hand files to remove any messy edges.

This is the time to be creative when making your minnow, add some teeth and notches in the fins for fun.

Note: Please wear safety glasses, and be aware that the metal will get hot as you are grinding so be careful.

Step 3: Finishing Touches

Using a titanium or cobalt drill bit, drill a hole where the minnows eye should be.

Add a thin paracord loop so you can connect your minnow to a zipper pull, keychain or back pack.

It is incredibly useful and handy and easy to make. Use it to pry, scrape and cut instead of your good knife.

I use mine almost every day.

Note: When drilling metal it is best to go slow and use some cutting oil. Also, sometimes the drill bits become dull. Don't be afraid to sharpen them with your grinder.

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