Introduction: Minty Stove (Might Not Be the Best)

This is just a common sense thing for any flammable liquid so try not to criticize
(My first instructable all comment are welcome or any tips will be needing some)

Step 1: Materials

Quantity: 1 Altoids Tin
Quantity: 1 Rotary Tool ( I cant afford an actual dremel so i got a cheapo one but still works great [$20])
Quantity: ? Any flammable liquid ( I used 91% Denatured Alcohol)
Quantity: 1 Needle Nose Pliers
Quantity: ? Sandpaper (Depends)

Step 2: What to Do

Its actually really simple

Get the Altoids Tin and either eat them or throw them out like I did (I got some bootleg ones and they taste like shit so I just threw em away

Step 3: Almost Done

With pliers go to the hinge where the lid is held on and they are just two little bent pieces of metal so use the pliers and bend till they break off

Step 4: Sanding

After you remove the tabs remove the cover and sand until all the paint comes off and looks like this

Step 5: Cutting (Yay!)

on the side thats opposite the tabs your broke off cut two more for ventilation and on the shorter two sides cut one on each side and looks like the next pics

Step 6: Finished (finally)

what you do next is clean the altoids lid really well thats the pan
then just pour in your flammable liquid and light in as seen in the next pics
and put the lid so that its perpendicular to the rest and there you go
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Lighting tip: get a popsicle stick and dip in the fuel and ten light and tap into stove real quick for a quik light