Introduction: Mirror Ladder With Shelves VIDEO

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I'm soooo proud of this beauty.... I've never made such an awesome thing, and now it's the highlight of the room .

It's not only a

dressing mirror, but also a

decorative storing.

I love it sooo much!!!

Check this VIDEO and do it yourself! ;)


Step 1: Front and Back of the Ladder

measure and saw the following size of parts:



5x 3,8cmx38cm / 1,5inx15in (steps for the front)

5x 3,8cmx45xm / 1,5inx18in (steps for the back)

4x 3,8cmx120cm / 1,5inx59in

Step 2: Front of the Ladder


the steps equal spaced


pay attantion that

the distance of the first and the last steps will be same as the length of the mirror

Step 3: Back of the Ladder

by the back of the ladder the size of the steps are different

the width of the steps is equal to the total width of the front of the ladder

Step 4:

screw the parts together

Step 5:

now you already have the 2 parts of the ladder

Step 6:


the space where the mirror will be lying



3x 15x120cm / 6x47,2in

fix them to the front of the ladder with screws

Step 7:


the mirror to its space with mirror glue

Step 8:

now you can


the two parts of the ladder

Step 9: Shelves



1x 30x130cm / 12x51in

measure and saw the following size of shelves (lenght):

17 cm | 27 cm | 37 cm | 47 cm

7 in | 10,5 in | 14,5 in | 18,5 in

Step 10:


them with screws

Step 11: Stain

Step 12:

CHECK this "how to" video and enjoy it! ;)


Thanks for watching!

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Step 13: VIDEO