Mirror Wiper

Introduction: Mirror Wiper

Many people are troubled by the fog in the bathroom mirror at home. Every time they take a shower, there is a thick layer of mist on the mirror. After wiping it off with a rag, it will fog again and it will not reach the mirror. In the case of rain and wet weather, there will be a mist on the mirror, rubbed with your hands, and the more blurred it is, the more it affects us. How can we solve this problem? WITH THIS MIRROR WIPER!!!

Step 1: Supplies

- Breadboard x1

- Arduino distance sensor x1

- Arduino Servo motor x1

- Wire x9

- Hot melt adhesive x1

- eyeglass cleaning cloth

- Cardboard (I used Pizza cardboard)

- Any transparent board x1 (acrylic sheet or glass)

- Popsicle stick x1

- 3M 860 Scotch efficient soil

Step 2: Breadboard

Step 3: Rod to Clean the Mirror

Step 1: Cut the eyeglass cleaning cloth into half

Step 2: Surrounded eyeglasses cleaning cloth with popsicle sticks

Step 3: Use 3M 860 Scotch efficient soil to stick the popsicle stick wrapped in glasses cloth to the Servo motor

Step 4: Code

Copy the code into your Arduino program

When you put your hand in front of the sensor the Rod would move.

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