Introduction: Mirrored Dodecahedron Optical Lighting

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Optical Light Art is a transfusion of OP art and Light Art. Something that uses Light as a medium to manipulate perception or sensory vision. The "Mirrored Dodecahedron", as I call it uses reflective surfaces to create the illusion of a whole shape which can change both colour and form when it is observed from different angles.

As you can see from the video, there's an optical illusion that takes place when you switch viewing angles. Some people may figure it out but this is due to mirrors placed on each side of a particular face. A very simple trick but I think it's still really fascinating and something really cool to make by yourself.

The building part is fairly straightforward if you have access to 3D printing and Laser cutting. Every component of the piece should be completely precise so the use of technology here is simply because it is much more dependable.


For this Instructable you will need,

  • (3D Printer) with FDM - Required for printing PLA base structures.
  • Laser Cutting Machine - Required for Acrylic precision cutting.
  • UV Blacklight and Mount- At least 4 as the model must be targeted from all angles
  • Acrylic Mirror Sheet(2mm with protective masking or an opaque side)
  • Card stock paper (1mm, A4 sized) - 6 in quantity
  • Phosphorescent Paint (Glow-in-the-dark Paint) (Choice of colour)
  • Multi-purpose superglue
  • Paper cutting machine/Inkjet printer
  • Cutting mat, Craft knife and a Paper scorer
  • Glue stick
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