Introduction: Misfits Skull Lamp

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This may have been done before, but here's my version.

A very simple method to transfer your favorite design onto a lamp.

I've chosen the skull logo from band, The Misfits.

If you're not familiar with them check out
Also I recommend the songs, 'Forbidden Zone' & 'Lost in Space'

Obviously you can choose any design you want but this instructable will be tailored toward the skull design.

Step 1: Gather Materials

Firstly you need a lamp with a fabric shade. This sort is available in ASDA for £2. Any lamp with a light coloured fabric shade will do though.

You will also need:
- a Pencil
- Fine Tipped brush
- Larger Brush
- Black Paint, acrylic, oil or fabric paints are best.
- 2 - 3 hours time and a little patience

Now you need to get your source image. To find the skull type 'misfits' into google images, or find your own design.

If picking your own design try to find one with:

- Only one or two colours.
- Large blocks of colour as well as some blank areas for light to shine through.
- Not too much small intricate detail.

Step 2: Disassemble Your Lamp

It's a lot easier to do this if you remove the shade from your lamp. For me his was as simple as unscrewing the white plastic ring and the shade just fell off.

Step 3: Sketch Out Design

With reference to your chosen image, sketch out your design onto the lamp. Make sure your design is straight and centered.

It's not worth taking too long over this as you will be painting over these lines. If you don't want to copy every little bump in the design just copy the general shape and make the rest up.

Step 4: Outline Your Design

Using your fine brush and only very little paint begin to outline your design.

Don't trace over the lines with your brush as you will loose some definition. Paint up to the lines trying to keep the edges sharp.

When painting try to remember:

- Keep the paint fairly thick, if it's too thin it may leech through the fabric into unwanted areas.

- If the brush is getting a bit clumpy wash it out and reshape it to get a fine point.

- It's worth being careful when doing the teeth as these look the best when finished.

- If you get paint on your hands, wash it off before continuing, or you are likely to transfer it onto the white areas of your design.

- This is gonna take about an hour so be patient.

Step 5: Thicken Out Your Design

Still using your small brush you now fill in the black areas , eyes/nose, and build up a thicker area around the outside.

You may want to paint the whole shade black but I chose to fade out from the design.

Using the larger brush and slightly thinned paint, build up layers of dry brushing, using less paint toward the edges. This way the solid black around the design will fade toward the edges.

Step 6: Reassemble the Lamp

Once dry reattach shade to it's lamp an put in a bulb. I suggest an energy saving bulb as they produce less heat (less likely to fade design) and they use less energy :D .

There finished. You could expand this by painting another design on the opposite side or by customizing the base, But for now my lamp is finished.

If you are a perfectionist you will notice little spots you've missed now that the bulb is shining, feel free to go back and fill them in.

or just

Sit back and watch it glow.