Introduction: Miss La Sen Lotus Lantern

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You can make a Miss La Sen lotus lantern to hang on the house, temple...

Step 1: Download This Pattern to Trace on the Art Paper or Foam. Print It in A3 Size Paper.

Step 2: Cut 9 Petals for the First Layer and Second Layer of the Lantern.

You can glue the glass paper in the center of each petal in order that the light can go through.

Step 3: Cut the Sepal of the Lotus on the Green Foam or Paper.

Step 4: Use a Zinc Wire and Then Fold It Into 2 Parts.

Step 5: Use the Hole Puncher to Punch the Holes Like the Picture on 9 Petals.

Step 6: Pierce the Zinc String Through the Sepal.

Step 7: Pierce the Petal Through the Zinc String Like the Picture.

Step 8: Pierce 5 Petals for the First Layer.

Step 9: Pierce 4 Petals Through the Zinc String for the Second Layer.

Step 10: Cut 4 Smaller Petals for the Third Layer. and Punch the Holes Like the Sample.

Step 11: Pierce 4 Petals for the Third Layer Through the Zinc String.

Step 12: Use the String to Tie 4 Small Petals on the Third Layer Together.

Step 13: Download This Pattern for the Miss La Sen Shape. Print It in A4 Size Paper.

You can glue Miss La Sen under the lantern.

Step 14: You Can Hang the Lantern and Put the Small Electric Light on the Lantern.