Introduction: Miss La Sen Triangle Lantern

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Miss La Sen is a fictional character in boardgame, comic book, cartoon clips and spring roll...With this guide you can make a Miss La Sen triangle lantern easily.

Step 1: Download This Pattern for the Triangle-round Shape and Miss La Sen Head. Print It Out in A3 Size Paper.

Step 2: Download This Pattern for the Top Bracket Shape and Print It Out in A4 Size Paper.

Step 3: Cut the Round and Fold It Into the Triangle Inside. Make 18 Rounds.

Step 4: Use the White Glue to Glue 6 Rounds Like Picture. It’s for the Bottom.

Step 5: Glue 6 Another Pieces for the Second Layer.

Step 6: Put the Vertex of the Triangle to the Bottom. Glue It Onto the 2 Triangles on the 2 Sides.

Step 7: Put 6 Triangles Which Have the Vertex to the Bottom.

Step 8: After Gluing 6 Pieces of the Second Layer.

Step 9: Cut Out the Top Bracket on the Cardboard.

Step 10: Fold the 6 Edges Like the Picture.

Step 11: Glue the Top Bracket Onto the Top of the Lantern.

Step 12: Cut Out the Miss La Sen’s Head on the Art Paper.

Step 13: Cut the Headband on the Art Paper and Glue It Onto the Head.

Step 14: Cut the Bow, the 5 Petal-flower, Eyes, Cheeks, Mouth and Glue Them Like the Picture.

Step 15: Glue Miss La Sen’s Head Onto the Triangle Lantern. Poke the String to Hang It.

You can cut the oval hole inside the triangle and glue glass paper in order that the light can go through.

Step 16: Add the Tassels at the Bottom. You Can Put the Tea Light Candle in the Center of the Lantern.