Introduction: Mitsubishi Galant 97 Headlight Retrofit

What do you need:

1.Mitsubishi Galant front headlights (you can use yours or buy a donor)

2.Lenses, I used from Passat B6 (3C universal) lenses

3.Flexible Led tubes Link

4.High temperature silicone

5.Paint or vinyl

6.Aluminium sheet for reflector

7.Fan, screwdrivers, dremer tool to cut....

8.Free time to do this :)

Step 1: Get the Lenses Out

It will be dusty trying to get it out.

Be careful, try to get it out in one piece.

You should get something like in the last picture.

Step 2: Galant Headlight Disassembly

Lets take the front glass of with the fan.

Heat the headlight until the glass comes off.

Dont use screwdriver or something sharp.

Take some plastic or use your hands to pull off the glass.

Step 3: Reflector Disassembly

Now we need the reflector, get it out from the headlight.

When the reflector is on your table secure it and point it to a wall (clean surface), then add some tape were the light beam is pointed (the tape will help later). Also add some tape to the surface, to find later the place again for the reflector.

Step 4: The Best Part - Get the Lense in the Reflector

This is the most dusty part, you should do it outside or in a garage, I can promise - you will be white as a ghost :)

Step 5: Lense in the Reflector

Now, lets clean our self a bit, wash our hands and continue...

Step 6: Lets Strengthen the Lense and Adjust the Light

You can use ties or something before using the silicone.

Correct the light beam by adjusting the lense.

Try on the headlight. Fits good!

Step 7: Time to Silicone

The stinky part...

Get them out of the headlights, silicone them....wait 24h or more.

Step 8: Lets Try One More Time

Put them back again in the headlight. Looks good! The end of the bulb must be somewhere in the middle.

Step 9: Iner Frame Measuring

The inner frame needs to be cut and cut and cut...... Because the lense will go up and down.

Step 10: Reflector Fill Out

Now we need something to fill out the reflector.... hmmm..... aluminium will work!

Step 11: The Form

To get a perfect form cut it out from cardboard.

Then place the cutted form cardboard on the aluminium and cut it out!

Step 12: The Form

You can leave it shiny, you can paint it or just stick a vinyl on it....this is a hard part at least for me it was, took plenty of time. But it was worth it!

Step 13: LED

You can make your style, I made my own.

Don't forget to check the wiring.

Step 14: Check Everything

And then put the front on!

Step 15: On My G-ride With Xenon Hid

The project is finished!

If you are interested of buying such headlights for your g-ride just send me a message.

Thanks for looking!

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