Introduction: Mitsubishi Lancer 2005 Cd Player Aux Jb3160aa

we need the cd player

and we want aux !! no time for bullet points !!!

end results on last pic ---

took pics as i put it all back together so you may see the aux cable already hanging out but rev is same as forward procedure

--some guy said you need blank cd but ...... because i hooked to pwr-gnd -1- and use a apple headjack it auto cuts the cd player idk how tf its logic does this but kudos for panasonic who made this for mits- also think it was used somehow in lexus .... anyways the schematic was a pain in the ass to hunt down so i hope others want a clean look on thier car with minimum extra bs

L-pin 14

R-pin 12

G-ground-pin 1

off the backside of the cd ribbon cable input to main board

KEEPS car NON ricR looking

keep stock value

--for fun--

just hit cd player insert any cd and hook apple head jack adapter plug to iphone and it mutes the cd audio plays your audio -


take your time no rush

Step 1: Step 1 Remove Top Cover

we are only going to remove the needed screws not all screws so dont just start taking everything out plz

-remove top plate -

follow along

Step 2: Step 2 Remove Face Plate

2x tiny screws on bottom and un clipping tabs slowly around face and it pops right off if it jams on you reclip and try from another side first

Step 3: Step 3 - Remove Rear Audio Amp Board

you only need to remove the screws shown not everything !

when done this part slides up off two connectors sort of like a top loading nes cartridge game but dont quote me on that !

Step 4: Step 4 Remove Heat Sink Screws

2x screws on side wall connect off two fetts or whatever thru the chassis

remove these two screw they are the only 2screw with flat washer built in-

Step 5: Step 5 Remove Cd Player and Ribbon Cable From Carriage

you only need two small silver screws that are behind where you removed the faceplate then the whole thing comes off as a whole part be careful of the ribbon cable firmly grab and pull straight up -hopefully you wont be visiting the junkyard for another ribbon cable just be firm and straight up no to the side pulling

Step 6: Step 6 Remove the Last Screws Holding the Board In

remove these 3 screws

2 secure the board and 1 lets the side wall metal bracket come off

and the side wall where you removed the two screw earlier that whole metal wall slides up and pops off then the board can be lifted out at a slight angle

Step 7: Step 7- Pre Tape Down the Wires We Prepped in the First Step and Solder

get the board ready to solder

get the wire out we prepped in the 1st step

position the wire so you have a tiny bit of overlap and see how

from pins marked 1 it just zig zags 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12-13-14 only showing pin 14 as marked for ref on the board

wire red-right 12

wire white-left 14

wire black-ground common

so we connect the common ground black wires to ground pin1

and so on included a pic - enjoy